Despise Not Small Beginnings

Our walk of faith begin  in January of 2003 with the Lord leading Glenn and Denise to the Living Word Christian Center, after watching the Believer's Walk of Faith television broadcast, the T.V. ministry of Dr. Bill Winston. On January 19th 2003, their lives were changed forever as Glenn and Denise together confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, both receiving baptism in water and baptism of the Holy Spirit at LWCC. After successive seasons of Discipleship and Intercessory Prayer Training, Glenn and Denise separately discerned the call of the Lord into the ministry of the gospel. Glenn received his heavenly calling as a pastor and desired to attend the School of Ministry and Missions to confirm the call and to receive instructional training. In 2005 that desire was fulfilled as he attended and graduated from the SOM&M. During a Missions trip to the Country of Panama in 2006, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to Pastor Glenn a word from Ecclesiastes 8:14 "Where the word of a king is there is power". This word would serve as a platform for the 1st church plant respectfully named Kingdom Word International Christian Center, which was soon after incorporated and established.


The first meeting was held in February of 2008 in the Hazel Crest American Legion Hall with four persons in attendance. The first church plant had challenges and did not yield the desired fruit. Pastor Glenn quickly discerned that more hands on ministry training was needed. Pastor Glenn continued serving as a volunteer Minister under the leadership of Dr. Winston, where he received hands on training through personal observation, studying and participation in multiple helps ministry areas.  The Lord began to speak to Minister Denise more in depth about her calling and her need to be fully supportive of their life calling together to preach the uncompromised word of God to the Next Generation of Believers.  Glenn and Denise gave birth to a son, Benjamin, during this time of preparation. 

During prayer and fasting the month of January 2011, Pastor Glenn received instructions from the Holy Spirit to began searching the Village of Riverdale for open doors of favor. After meditation of the 14th Chapter of the book of John and while hearing the revelation came to change the name of the church to Greater Works Church International. Changing the name lead to a shift in church identity and a much needed change of direction. Favor came and a door opened by way of School District #133, where the church received a lease to rent out the gynasium and lunch rooms of General George Patton School. 16 persons attended the church plant service. Over the first three months, 7 local families including 25 youth would come to know Jesus through the ministry at Greater Works Church International. 


Pastor Glenn received Ministerial License through Faith Ministries Alliance and a prayer covering by Dr. Winston in March of 2012 while Denise graduated from the Living Word School of Ministry in June, confirming her 5 Fold ministry call. Glenn and Denise gave birth to a daughter, Jubilee, during this season of confirmation. 


In July of 2014, the Church was faced with a decision to move again. Without a physical facility for a 12 month period, the Pastors began having morning prayer and encounters with the presence of the Lord during these prayer meetings at their residence. Key ministy components were being developed, implemented and birthed during prayer. The search for a new open door for their own facility began. During a conversation with the Lord, Glenn said "Lord, if you open up the Door, we will walk through it, only show us where to go, who to talk to and give us what to say"! The LORD answered and the Holy Spirit lead Pastor Glenn across the Illinois boarder into Northwest Indiana, to the City of Hammond. During this time of strategic prayer and meditation of the word of God, it was manifestation time. The door opened up at 4807 Oak Avenue in Hammond, Indiana, a 3000 square foot facility with 2 levels. The church name was transformed to Greater Works Christian Center International and relaunched with a clarified mission and Vision.  

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