Mission Statement:

To Equip, Develop, Guide and Encourage believers to win in life through Jesus Christ and Empowering them by teaching, preaching and demonstrating the uncompromised Word of God.




 I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to my spirit,"Son, speak life over every dead situation"

            Vision Statement

Transforming lives in every nation through preaching the uncompromised word of God

Acts 28:31
Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

Greater Works:

A Supernatural Church! 

"Gather them, Train them, Send them"

The Body of Christ is a Supernatural Church.The Spirit of God created you and I to be Signs and Wonders. Signs and Wonders are supernatural Identities that should accompany the word and faith of the believer. Signs and Wonders followed the preaching and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. He demonstrated the way of the Kingdom.  When He called the first 12 disciples he gave them an identity.


In Mark 16:17 -19 Jesus gave the twelve His name and His Power, this inabled them to be used as vessels of miracles, the Lord working in them, and through them (verse 20) confirming the Word. They became signs and worked wonders, Isaiah 8:18. The Word of God does the work, but our faith in the word manifests the working. Jesus told the disciples that the works that He did, they would do also and even greater works than what He did, because He said "I go to the Father". It is time for the Church to "Go to the Father" for every need, including miracles. The word Church in the greek translation is pronounced Ecclesia and it means "called out ones or sent ones". 


Even Gideon, the man whom God called - out from the world and called him His mighty man of valor asked this question in Judges 6:13 "if God be for us, where be all His Miracles". Our desire being part of the body of Christ is to see a manifestation of God's miracles restored in the Church.

Greater Works Christian Center International is committed to operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, committed to the ministries of reconciliation, prayer, teaching and preaching the revealed word of God and we are committed to worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in truth. 

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